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Wood'n Water

Spontaneously born as an outlet for ideas and creations, or simply for the satisfaction of doing something simple yet noble from different materials, Wood'n Water was quickly established as a reference in Brazil in the production of Epoxy Resin masterpieces, recognized by Customers, Architects and media, nationally and internationally.

Based on the principles of always doing something unique and noble, the quality of our service and the exclusivity of our product are above every other detail.

Our creative process has deep connections with the deepest aspects of human nature, a harmony with the vibrations coming from the cosmos, where we inspire and seek colors and combinations, always linking our soul to all the projects we conduct.

Hexagon - Mesa de Centro

Hexagon - Mesa de Centro

Madeira Ipê e Resina Epóxi

Araucária Curitibana

Araucária Curitibana

Madeira araucária e resina epóxi

Mesa de centro Imbuia e resina

Mesa de centro Imbuia e resina

Mesa de centro Imbuia e resina

River Table

River Table

Transparência e nobreza Madeira Imbuia e resina epoxi

Mesa de centro

Mesa de centro

Design imprescionante Imbuia e resina epóxi

River Table

River Table

River table madeira e resina epóxi

Mesa de raiz

Mesa de raiz

Mesas de raiz

River Table

River Table

Mesas resinadas

Caixa presente

Caixa presente

Presente masculino luxo Barbeadores



Aparadores em madeira e resina epóxi

We believe that the Energy that comes from the universe influences our lives, the functioning of nature and our cells, and is intrinsically linked to the materials we use, the behavior of wood atoms in their natural state, the chemical components of metal and resin, and to all the nobility of these materials, so we treat them with respect and deep admiration

Mesas resinadas preços River Tables Brasil

Jupiter's Great Red Spot - The biggest storm in the solar system. Its diameter is larger than planet earth

Source: NASA

Our mission:

Make Art, allied to Professionalism, Respect and Quality be our ally in creating the differential needed to achieve and add maximum value to our client.

Our vision:

Achieve the level of excellence to take place among the most desired decor objects in the national market.

Our values:

Service Excellence

Attention to the details

Create differential

Produce Exclusivity

Respect for the environment

Curitiba Paraná Brazil


Wood'n Water

what, and how we do

Unique wood and epoxy resin furniture


Decor objects, gifts and special projects

All the wood used in our creations comes from reuse.

Trees that are already fallen, in farms and places in the countryside, Paraná and Santa Catarina states

Train track sleepers that have been replaced

Demolition wood

"We believe that the conscious use of all the wood available in our planet is the key to the renewal of this precious material, which is definitely one of the most flexible and noble natural resources, so important in our lives and so present at every stage of the mankind history"







Beauty - Refinement - Durability - Nobility

Resin and metal complete the wood and become everlasting

beautiful, exquisite, desired and exclusive decoration objects.


More than just objects, they are small pieces of our lives that will change houses and be part of new lives!

beauty & exclusivity


Rua Domingos Benatto, 154

Santa Felicidade

Curitiba - Brasil

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